True Change

The day of court can be like the drunk who is about to be sick, he is full of regret and false promises. Unfortunately, if I was wrong, the recidivism rates of repeat offenders would be much lower, but they aren’t. I have been in court numerous times in my life alongside young men I mentor. Most have been repentant in those moments, but the lesson has really not taken root.

There have been a few who have learned their lesson and have never gone back to the friends or activities which landed them in court. In order to make this change there has to be a powerful motivating force. This force must create a need to examine his values and make changes accordingly. When I hear a kid say “I’m gonna be good,” I know we’re doomed to repeat this cycle soon. “Good” must be defined.

Communication & Relationships

Communication is the most vital part of a relationship. Bad communication is better than none at all and yet many relationships do not work at communicating. Sometimes we behave as if we can put our relationship on autopilot and we will live in bliss with no effort. There is no such thing as auto pilot when it comes to relationship.

Most every relationship that is experiencing problems began with a breakdown in communication. It requires work, real work, to communicate effectively. The biggest problem we create is we believe that all the sweet talk we do at the beginning of a relationship is the norm. It isn’t. We are simply flirting or getting to know each other, finding common ground. Yes it feels good, but most of the time that sort of conversation is shallow.

Self image & our mate

Our selection of a significant other, to a degree, reflects our self image. Some of the teens and young adults I have mentored continue to choose the same sort of people that they just broke up with. The values of the new boyfriend or girlfriend is no different than the last ones. And what do they have in common? My young mentees share these same values with their significant other. Surprised?

Many times I have asked about their situation and heard the disappointment in their voices at the way they are treated, again. Some have even justified the abuse they receive. One young lady told she deserves to be hit by her boyfriend. No human being deserves abuse, but until a person values themselves this will continue. True change begins with self, first.


Success: Proper manners & Proper English

Proper manners and proper English will open many doors on the journey to success. The fool doesn’t get this. Although we would love to think that it is evil to “judge” in real life we judge everyday, all day. Some for the sake of haughtiness, others to make safe decisions, still others to hire the right person.

Even so I have many young friends who believe that the world is going to bend to their wishes and allow them to behave as they please. Then they get fired or passed over. But instead of facing facts and reviewing the outcome they create an excuse or two. Our greatest adversary will always face in the mirror. Start with that guy.

Death of a Friend

“Mr. Augie they killed him!” the voice on the phone nearly shouted. It was “Bill” and he was crying. His best friend, a young man I had mentored, “Charlie,” had been murdered. He was gunned down by rivals. I always knew that this was a possibility, but I had never prepared for the moment. It was here and it left me feeling desperate, helpless .

The death of a teen, especially to violence, will never make sense to the rational mind. The next few days were a blur as I tried to go on with my life through my tears and darkness. He was 16 years old. That’s all. He had not started to live yet. All the memories of our conversations, our letters when he was in prison and our outings flooded my thoughts.

Even though time has moved on now and I have accepted his death, the memories of that day are still painful.

Mentoring Mistakes: Surrogate

A mentor is not a surrogate parent. Although this should be obvious I have met mentors who somehow, along the way begin to behave as if they are the parent, although they are one with no authority. When the mentor arrives at this conclusion they have left their moorings as a mentor and are embarking on a new journey. Don’t mix the two.

There are several reasons why this line should not be crossed. The most important of which is that a child no matter how badly he has had it, will always love and desire to have his own parent’s, not a surrogate. The greatest strength of a mentor is that no matter what happens the mentor continues to be involved in the life of his mentee.

The Meaning of Success

What is success? Is it obtaining material wealth? If this is the case then some of the greatest leaders the world has ever known failed. Jesus of Nazareth, Oskar Schindler and Mother Teresa died penniless or pretty close to it. Yet one cannot say they were not successful in their life’s work.

Is it fame or how about education? Does getting into a prestigious university make one successful? Or is success merely a fanciful word we throw around, but we really don’t know what it is? Perhaps we are looking in the wrong places.

Success will only be found if one first explores the reasons for our existence. We must search for our purpose and understand what our passions are. In short we must have a dream. And finally we must grasp what our gifts and talents are.

One of my young mentees understood it best. This is what he wrote me in a letter from prison, “Augie, it has been said that a man is not ready to live until he finds a purpose to die for. I just want you to know that I am now ready to live.” Well said.

Success is to live your dream.