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No Such Expert

There is no such thing as an expert on youth. Youth culture is dynamic and therefore shifts continuously. It is always  troubling to meet someone who presents themselves as an expert in youth, or makes a claims to know everything there is to know about youth. I much prefer the person who is asking questions, absorbing feedback, reading and opining.

Youth culture continuously shifts, it changes, it is dynamic. The most popular art form with youth culture continues to be music, however reading has also gained great strength; just ask our friend Harry Potter. Rap music has also produced a new and unique brand of poetry and poems. All of this has happened within youth culture. The best we can hope to accomplish in terms of expertise is to be dedicated students of youth culture.


President Trump, Hype and the Media

Dear President Trump, I would like to share a thought or two with you. Please stop blustering. You won the election. If you believe the Obama administration wiretapped your campaign please lay out the facts for us. You are in danger of becoming white noise. Please lead.


Dear Democrats, the average American has a vast array of news sources available to us. We can think for ourselves, too. Re-electing the same old, tired and untrustworthy leadership does not give us any cause to renew our trust in you. Change your ways or risk becoming the party of insignificance.


Dear anti-Trump media, engaging in a battle of “no you’re stupid” with the president is not good journalism. We, the American public, need objective journalism. Either step up and provide that or you will be replaced by another media source. Besides, you are losing the war against President Trump. He is eclipsing you in Twitter followers alone. Wise up.