Change That is Necessary

What does an at-risk teen who is drinking need to change in order to be successful? You must understand at that age and in their circumstances nothing good will come from this. “If you wish to remain a free man you must change your ways. All of them.” said I to some of the young men I have worked with. However, stubbornness and a society which enables have served to encourage the young men to resist the call for change.

Most of my young men have a system of values which do not assist them in facing the world we live in. Entering into an addiction in their teen years will cause a lot of harm. It will thwart their growth in maturing as a man. Drinking in and of itself is typically only a symptom of much deeper issues. Some of these are negative coping skills, poor money management, poor career planning, and I could go on. The issue is lack of a positive value system.


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