Decision Time

Shortly after suffering a gross injustice one is faced with a serious decision. We must choose to be the victim or become a survivor. It will not be an easy moment. Years ago I remember reading an account of a young lady who suffered a brutal assault by an unknown male assailant. While she waited at the hospital for an examination a friend of hers walked into her exam room, but instead of putting his arms around her, he told her what her options were: victim or survivor. He also told her to choose in that moment. She was torn by the pain of the moment, the shame and the realization that his words were true.

Life is brutal or at least it can become so in but a brief moment. To say that we will struggle with this sort of decision is an understatement. But, the manner in which you handle this moment will alter the viewpoint of your life and the road to recovery. Intestinal fortitude is forged in the fires of adversity. Make no mistake, when such a moment arrives it will be decision time.


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