A Way Forward

Presently, we have many in our nation who are very displeased with the election results. This election has been very troubling for many reasons, but the good news is that there is a way forward. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. It’s not over. Congress is back to work for their new session. Now is the time to let your representatives hear from you on the changes you would like to see and offer solutions not rants. No one listens to a rant.
  2. Hypocrisy: Bill versus Donald – When we the people looked the other way and elected a known adulterer, and allowed him to repeatedly get away with his improprieties before and during his time in the Oval office we opened Pandora’s box. Ever since Bill Clinton character is hardly an issue. If we wish be a people of morals than it must apply all the time not just when it is politically convenient.
  3. Speculation – It is impossible to resolve any matter if your argument is based on speculation. What may have happened or would have happened or could happen do not produce meaningful solutions. It is worse when we judge someone based on what they may or my not be like. Stick to the facts, as difficult as truth may be to accept, it is the surest route to reality.
  4. “Not My President” – Please. Grow up. President Bush and President Obama were our presidents regardless of your feelings. Life is tough you won’t always get your way.
  5. Accountability – We must begin to hold our elected officials accountable. But that will require strong moral convictions and consistency.
  6. Media – They lied to us and have been lying to us. We must begin to hold them accountable.
  7. DNC Corruption – We the people must rise up against any form of corruption with our government. Call for changes within the DNC  and be specific.
  8. RNC chaos – This came about because the Republican party doesn’t know what they stand for. Again, we the people must not put up with this and we must voice our thoughts and suggestions out loud.
  9. Statesman versus Politicians – A statesman is a man of principle. Principle is not negotiable. To a politician everything is negotiable. We must choose who to support wisely.
  10. Politics is downstream from culture – If you are unhappy with our politicians remember that they reflect our society.
  11. Ends justifies the means – This is a very misguided way of thinking that has caused some good people to make some very sorry decisions. The means justify themselves.
  12. Grow up, adapt, and apply yourself – Our political process is designed to move slow and therefore prevent the people from being overrun by their own government. You won’t always get your way.
  13. Tantrums and the electoral college – Most people who have complained about Hillary’s popular vote do not understand the electoral college and how free it keeps us. They do not comprehend that we are a constitutional republic and not a democracy. They do not comprehend that she probably didn’t win the popular vote either. The reported vote count are only the votes that were counted.
  14. Popular vote – Who cares! We do elect any president by popular vote. It is decided by 51 independent elections. Donald won 37 of those elections.
  15. Hollywood – Please stop complaining about Hollywood stars and their political opinions. They live in a bubble far removed from the lives of regular Americans. Taking their political viewpoints seriously is not healthy.
  16. Latino Trump supporters – There are many. This should not have surprised anyone. The Border Patrol Association, which is mostly Latino, came out in support of Donald Trump well over a year ago. Also, please stop showing pictures of people whom you don’t believe are Latino based how they are supposed to look. We don’t all look the same. We are not a race, we are a hodge-podge of races and have an loosely interlaced culture. We look like….everyone on the planet.
  17. Third parties – Now is the time. If you are seriously tired of our third party system, please stop whining about it and get busy establishing your third party. Now is the time to start building such a party. Develop your platform, convince us why we should look to you to represent us and make yourself a household name. You have 2 years to get ready for the next Congressional elections. Get busy.

Silence is the enemy of free men.


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