The Sky Went Black

(I began writing fiction as a little boy, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually submitted my work in a short story contest. I hope you enjoy it.)


The Sky Went Black

The sky went black or so it seemed. One moment he was full of hope, the next a darkness engulfed him. Where was she? What had happened? Several days had passed by since they last spoke. At first he thought she was mad at him. Then the days passed by, he began to worry. Time and again he called, sent a text, but there was no reply. Finally, he decided to go to her house to apologize.

The morning had been beautiful.  It had stormed the night before. The sun was shining, the air around him smelled fresh, the earth was reborn. He was very optimistic as he left his place and drove to her house. They would start over. After all they were in love. This would be their last fight. He rehearsed several times what he would say as he drove. He was a reasonable man and she was a reasonable woman. Well, on most days she was reasonable. She had her moments.

Her car wasn’t parked out front when he arrived at her house. “It must be in the garage,” He told himself. He walked up to the front door and rang the bell. A minute or so passed.  His heart was pounding. He longed to see her face. A minute expired and then another. No answer. He knocked with a bit more intensity. Nothing. There was no sound coming from within. He looked in through the small window in the upper part of the door and his heart stopped. The apartment was empty.

The sky went black. “What happened!!” He screamed inside. Where is she? What is going on? He almost blurt out the last question. A woman’s raspy voice broke his thoughts. He spun around, mostly startled, but he knew it wasn’t her voice. It was an older woman’s voice.

The neighbor looked at him. “You alright son?”

He nodded.

“She’s gone. Packed up and left yesterday.”

“Where did she go?” His confusion grew. He made a face and shook his head slightly.

“No idea. Some fella was helping her.”

“Who?” He felt the blood drain from his face.

“No idea.” She shuffled off in her tattered dress.


The darkness grew. ‘Some fella was helping her.’ Those words rambled on and on. It made no sense. “What is going on!” His screamed inside his head.

“She left with another man.” He argued with himself.

“But she said she loved me.”

On and on it went. The nightmare grew. The day dragged on.


The rest of the day was a blur. Time and again he pulled out his cell phone. Nothing. The evening came to an end at some late hour. He didn’t care that tomorrow was a workday. He drank. He began drinking when he arrived back at his place and continued until he mercifully lost consciousness. He drank slowly while his mind raced.

Where is she? What happened? Did I just get dumped? Would these questions ever get answered? He dreaded the answer. The darkness laughed.

“But she loves me!” He yelled out loud. The alcohol was defending him.

“What am I going to do?!”

The questions came in waves. His emotions battered him. He hurt. The struggle went on, all the while the alcohol seduced him. Until finally he dozed off in exhaustion.

Early the next morning he stirred awake. The sunlight peeking through his curtains awoke him. He slowly arose from the sofa where he had passed out. There was some confusion in his thoughts as he tried to clear the cobwebs and recall why he was on the couch and what had happened. The awful taste in his mouth reminded him that he had been drinking and drank too much. Then his eyes fell on his cell phone. His stomach turned over as it all came back to him. The drive to her house, the knock, the empty apartment, “some fella was helping her”, and the sky went black.

He grabbed his cellphone desperately, praying silently that all of it had been a nightmare. With one look his worst fears were confirmed. There were no texts, no messages, no calls, much less missed calls. He was alone. His spirit broke. The sky went black.


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