11 Reasons Hillary Lost

It would nice to say that our country is heading down a good path, but we aren’t. Here are my thoughts on why Hillary lost this election.

  1. Scandal #1, the email server – If you don’t understand the gravity of compromising national security you won’t understand this. Hillary’s problem is that many people do understand the issue.
  2. Scandal #2, the Clinton Foundation – it has become very apparent that the rumors of the Clinton Foundation being used as a front for political favors are true.
  3. Scandal #3, FBI collusion – Bill’s secret meeting with Loretta Lynch and the subsequent no indictment are too much of a coincidence. Would the average citizen get the same treatment?
  4. Scandal #4, Benghazi – the ghosts of the dead will not go away. It now appears that the rumors of an illegal arms deal between the State Department and Syrian rebels may be true after all. The deal went awry when one of our Chinooks was downed by a surface-to-missile that didn’t detonate and the serial number was traced back to this illegal deal. The scramble was officially on at that point resulting in the debacle at Benghazi.
  5. Above the law – Hillary is viewed as seeing herself as above the law.
  6. WikiLeaks – The Wikileaks data dumps made Hillary’s intentional efforts to break the rules very apparent.
  7. Anti-Christian – Her and her staff’s disdain for Christians and a Biblical worldview were and are in plain view in the released emails.
  8. Barack Obama’s Justice Department – Never before in the history of the nation has a justice department openly and willingly abdicated its duty to enforce the law. This is the same justice department which obstructed her investigation. The same investigation where her staff members destroyed cellphones with hammers.
  9. Vilifying the wealthy – no one believes Hillary is one of us. She is not poor or remotely close. The hypocrisy drove many away.
  10. DNC corruption – Had the DNC held honest primary elections and not a coronation, the outcome would have been better. The DNC created their own monster.
  11. Bernie Sander’s supporters – It is beginning to look like close to 20% of Bernie Sanders’ supporters voted for Trump. I seriously doubt they love Donald. Behold the monster. (see #10).

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