13 Reasons Donald Won

With all emotions of this last election. We are a drained people. Here are my thoughts on what just happened and why Donald won.

  1. Vilifying – It angered a lot of Americans to watch Trump supporters called names and vilified because of their political opinion. Many undecided voters maintained silence and took Trump’s side.
  2. Violence – Watching a man tear apart a Trump sign at a Trump rally and watching a woman attacked by a mob of men because she was wearing a Trump t-shirt drove many undecided voters to Trump. These are just two examples of the violence that undecided voters witnessed. The decision was simple, if this is the sort of base behavior that is needed to win then the other side must be the right side.
  3. Thievery – Several images surfaced in the past few months of Clinton supporters who had taken it upon themselves to steal Trump/Pence signs in an effort to win. If stealing is required to win then something is wrong with that side.
  4. Media bias – It became abundantly clear at the onset of the campaign season that the mainstream media was biased in favor of Clinton. No adult likes to be told what their opinion should be.
  5. WikiLeaks – The data dumps corroborated the media bias, the DNC corruption, Hillary’s disregard for the rule of law, etc., etc., etc.,.
  6. RNC platform versus the DNC platform – If you have no idea what I am talking about stop going to the polls and educate yourself. The RNC platform is much more in line with the average American. The DNC platform is in line with special interest groups.
  7. Pro-life – Donald came out as pro-life. Hillary is pro-abortion.
  8. Non-politician – Donald isn’t a politician. Americans hate politicians.
  9. Barack Obama – one thing President Obama’s term in office proved was that anyone, and I do mean anyone, can be president.
  10. Hillary – She is very unpopular. If Bernie Sanders had been the frontrunner he would be our new president.
  11. Obamacare – It’s has failed America. Health care costs are up and will soon rise again. Healthcare choices are few.
  12. Anemic economy – Here we are 8 years after the big housing crash and the economy is still moving at a snail’s pace.
  13. Politically incorrect – Donald is politically incorrect and Americans love it.




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