‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly or Stressed

Christmas kicked off early this year as more stores opened on Thanksgiving Day to get those sales rolling. Some will argue that this is vital to the economy. Others will argue that Christmas is a sham and is nothing more than commercialism run amuck. My views are neither.

First of all if you intend to survive Christmas without a hangover than you will need to do two things – don’t drink and don’t spend beyond your budget. You see getting those credit card bills in January will feel a lot like a hangover if you lose control of your emotions during December.

Spending within, and only, within your budget is vital and responsible. One of the leading causes, according to research, of divorce are financial problems. Set a budget and stick to it. Use cash and only charge what you can pay it off immediately.

Those last two statements, I’m sure, sound radical, but that is because of the trend that has taken hold across the land. We are in a constant search for more stuff. Most of your children will be playing with the boxes their gifts came in by noon on Christmas day and you will be lucky to pay off the Christmas debt by next December! Where’s the logic in that?! Change is needed.

Christmas, in essence, isn’t about stuff. It’s about love, unconditional love. In the years to come, when all that stuff has grown worn, you’ll have the memories of those days. The greatest of these memories will be the laughter.

As a society we have lost our way. We need less stuff and more time together. Time with our husband/wife, with our children, and with our parents. How many gifts, how big or flashy they were will never replace the only family we will ever have.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


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