Planning the School Year is a Year Long Process.

Now that the school year has started and now that you have settled into your routine it is time to evaluate your plan and make changes. What am I talking about?  It’s simple. If you want your child’s school year to be successful you must have a plan and you must be willing to change it when and where changes are needed.

Here are some suggestions:

Are you doing the job of parenting? It is the job of a parent to help their child become a productive citizen not to make them happy. There is a difference between giving your child what she needs and giving her what she wants.

Is there good communication in your home? Are you having productive conversations with your child? Life is very busy even so we must make time to spend with our children in conversation. Good communication often means doing more listening than talking.

What pressures are your children dealing with? It is important that your children learn to deal pressures early on. As they grow the pressures will increase in terms of frequency and seriousness. Your child needs to know that they have your support and guidance.

What is your family structure? Is there harmony? Do mom and dad agree on the rules and consequences? Structure gives a child a sense of security and promotes a peaceful environment where your child can focus and do their school work.

How is the school routine working? What adjustments do you need to make to your schedule to better interact with your child? The time you spend with your child is going to be invaluable in the development of your child.

What are the strongest influences in your child’s life? It is very important that you know the answer to this question. Some of the influences which have been identified are friends, TV, movies, music, video games and the Internet. But these are just categories. You need to know specifically what and who within these categories is influencing your child.

You will I notice I didn’t mention academics, meeting teachers, checking homework, etc. That’s because that’s a given. Every parent should be doing those things.

A parent’s ability to impact their child’s school year is very great. So make that impact and help your child have a successful school year and one full of great memories.


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